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Maintenance is the key to keeping a vehicle running and performing as new for years to come.

New vehicles simply cost too much and depreciate too quickly for most people to be able to afford trading vehicles regularly. We believe that if a car is maintained properly, it rarely needs repair.



Today, the newer cars and trucks use platinum and iridium spark plugs. Platinum and iridium spark plugs can withstand a longer mileage range and do not require replacement as often as copper core spark plugs.  


It is important to replace the spark plugs at the recommended mileage intervals to keep your ignition parts, such as ingnition coils from failing.  We use only original equipment spark plugs to ensure a quality product. When a tune up is performed, there  are no other parts to replace on many of the newer model cars, so make sure you check with one of our master technicians to know when your tune up should be performed on your vehicle to prevent expensive repairs.


Many of the newer models of cars are using synthetic fluids for lubricants. These fluids have a longer service life than their conventional counterparts.  However, some fluids need to be changed frequently.  Below are a list of fluids that we service:


Engine Oil  

Should be changed frequently due to contamination from fuel byproducts produced during cold startups and driving during warm-up periods.


Transmission Fluid

Most newer model cars use synthetic transmission fluid and have a much longer life. According to some manufacturers,  this fluid never needs to be serviced unless you are towng a trailer.


Brake fluid  

Can become contaminated with water from the humidity in the air and must always be stored, and used, in a sealed container.


Power Steering Fluid and Engine Coolant

Power steering fluid and engine coolant can turn acidic over time.  These fluids used to get changed when a part failed related to that fluid, however since parts fail less frequently these days, it has become necessary for these fluids to be serviced.


Wheel alignment varies from vehicle to vehicle depending on the type of suspension and tires used on a particular vehicle. Sports cars are generaly set up with soft tires and wheel alignment specifications that help handling in extreme situations, and soft tires do not last long. A pickup truck has tires and alignment secifications to make the tires last as long as possible and to carry heavy loads. It is a good idea to have the alignment checked and adjusted once per year or anytime the steering wheel angle has changed in the staight ahead position.

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