"I cannot begin to explain the amount of integrity this place of business has. Took my lexus to a previous shop and after a week of "diagnosing it" decided it needed a transmission. Took it to another shop for a second opinion. They diagnosed it as a transmission control module but said they could not do the work since it had to be programmed. Took it to Rio Rancho Imports to have a new transmission or control module installed. Eddie informed me his technician Travis found a partially unplugged connector under the battery was causing all my issues. I was ready to spend thousands and told them what i thought it needed when i brought it in. They could have easily sold me anything. I will always use and recommend this shop from now on." - Keith W.

"I read the reviews for Rio Rancho Imports and was impressed by the reviews I found.  I selected them to inspect my 1998 Mercedes SLK230 for fluid leaks I found. They performed a thorough inspection on the car and recommended what needed to be repaired immediately and what could be repaired later. The estimate was fair and did not change when I picked the car up.  I found an additional oil leak that was hard to detect.  When they found the leak, they took me to the car and gave a very detailed explanation on where the leak was coming from and what it would take to repair it.  Randy, Jason, and Eddie were very professional on every visit.  
I highly recommend Rio Rancho Imports." - Ron S.

"My experience with Rio Rancho Imports was very positive. It's never a great experience to have car trouble but they made it as painless as possible for me. I ended up having quite a few repairs that needed to be done, but the staff here explained each one to me in great detail AND explained which repairs were crucial and which ones could wait due to financial constraints. I never felt like I was being convinced to fix things that were not necessary as I have at other car repair shops. I wasn't thrilled about having to spend money to fix my car but at least I walked away feeling like I hadn't been taken advantage of. The ladies at the front and the guys who work in the back were all helpful and friendly. The repairs did take the entire day but better that they take their time and get it done right. I will never take my car anywhere else again. An honest mechanic is worth their weight in gold so I'm grateful to have found these guys!"  - Cleo S. 


"I have taken my car to RRI for 15 years, I started going there in 1999 when they opened. They have always been respectful, given me an idea of work that would need to be done in the future, and what needed to be done immediately. They never do a repair without making sure the cost is ok with me first! Everyone in the shop has always been outstanding and my car has always been very well maintained!" - Stephnie B.


"This business is terrific - I've been bringing my vehicles, both over 9 years old to them for a few years and they've been terrific. Their quotes are spot on, they've come under quoted price each time. If my car takes longer to fix, then oh well- I can deal with it, a busy business can encounter pitfalls and unexpected delays every day. Randy is an honest, trustworthy and very skilled mechanic and business owner. I highly recommend this company to anyone tired of paying inflated dealer shop costs. Thank you, Rio Rancho Imports!" - Keith A.


"Rio Rancho Imports is professional, respectful, knowledgable and honest. I have been taking my plymouth breeze to their shop for years and never had a problem. I would say the rant that was left as a review earlier is seriously unwarranted. I would say they are one of the best mechanics in town, and that includes albuquerque."  - Nicola F.

We work very hard to be honest, reliable, efficient, and timely for our customers. We know that your car is what gets you from Point A to Point B!  Read below to see what our customers are saying about us!